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Our software architecture consists of:

  • The YellowDog Platform: a collection of microservices and ‘the brain’ of YellowDog. It performs the core functions relating to workload management. These microservices are clusterable, scalable and support multi-tenanted deployments both on-premise and in the cloud.
  • The YellowDog Agent: installed on the computing resource available to the YellowDog Platform. The Agent sends a ‘heartbeat’ to confirm that it is alive and provides information on task status, resource utilisation and computing performance.

Components of the YellowDog Platform

The YellowDog Platform is made up of several microservices based components. Customers can communicate with the YellowDog Platform via their preferred platform client. YellowDog Services are modular: allowing customers flexibility between business areas, use cases and even individual workloads.

Account Service

Secure identity and access management for the YellowDog Platform.

Object Store Service

Access the object storage of multiple public cloud providers using a single service.

Image Service

A virtual machine image catalogue for all images across all regions and cloud providers.

Compute Service

A common API to determine and provision the Best Source of Compute across hybrid- and multiple clouds.

Scheduler Service

Increases utilisation levels by sharing computing resources using fine grained control and prioritisation of tasks.

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3rd Party Supporting Technologies

Our technology benefits from a number of supporting 3rd party technologies. For more information, please contact our team.

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