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We Accelerate Your Workloads with Unrivalled Computing Power

Deliver compute-intensive and high performance computing workloads on time and on budget with multi-cloud access and on-premise efficiency.

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What YellowDog Sigma Delivers

Accelerate performance, reduce costs and transform hybrid- and multi-cloud environments with YellowDog Sigma.

Accelerate Compute-Hungry Workloads

Accelerate cloud deployments for compute-intensive and high performance computing workloads.

Reduce Cloud Computing Costs

Lower costs with the intelligent use of cloud and increase the utilisation of existing on-premise computing power.

Transform Multi-Cloud Environments

Reliably deliver workloads every time using multiple compute provisioning strategies to get the computing power that's needed.

YellowDog Sigma Features

  • Cloud computing and Object Store connectors for all major cloud providers.
  • Java, .NET, and Python SDKs to integrate with leading workload managers including IBM Spectrum Symphony, Univa Grid, and Slurm.
  • Web-based User Portal for compute provisioning, workload management and monitoring.
  • Automated task management, allocation and tracking resource co-ordination.
  • Automated data transport, data synchronisation, task inputs and outputs.

Our Use Cases

Resource Management

Manage computing resource in hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

Multi-Cloud Enablement

Access all major public cloud providers through a single API.

Workload Management

Coordinate and monitor workload execution across all infrastructure.

Increase On-Premise Infrastructure Efficiency

Lower total cloud costs with increased on-premise utilisation.

Provision Smarter

Set compute provisioning strategies to reliably get the power that’s needed.

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“YellowDog have transformed how we use our existing hardware and the cloud, making all the behind the scenes workload management invisible.”

Jago Westmacott CTO, Fulcrum Asset Management

“Having the YellowDog Platform there for us on-demand really was priceless.”

Alex Sherwood CEO, Giant Animation

“We know exactly how many machines we get, how many hours we use, and how powerful every machine is. So we have total clarity on our available compute.”

Rob Walsh Head of Visualisation, PriestmanGoode

“We needed a reliable, easy to use solution. But most of all, we needed crazy levels of GPU on demand.”

Marty Knox Head of Production, M2 Animation

Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

First published in the summer of 2019, read our blog on the five key stages businesses should consider as they move to multi-cloud environments for workload acceleration.

The YellowDog Platform

Learn more about the YellowDog Platform which helps businesses to scale, control, and optimise their computing power for compute-intensive workloads.

Accelerate Your Workloads Today

To get a free trial of YellowDog Sigma, or to ask our team for further information, you're just a click away!

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