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Utilise the Best Source of Compute

Cloud has the potential to reduce your computing costs, improve workload performance and lower your environmental impact. However, the cloud market is complex and there is a huge amount of choice available. For each workload, you need to consider its specific requirements to ensure it is delivered efficiently.

With YellowDog Sigma+ you can benefit from a cloud solution that automatically makes these decisions for you, to find you the Best Source of Compute, for every workload.

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What YellowDog Sigma+ Delivers

With a deep understanding of infrastructure and performance, from the leading public cloud providers, YellowDog Sigma+ helps businesses make smarter decisions about what infrastructure is used to deliver compute-intensive workloads.

Align Requirements With Resource

Utilise data from the YellowDog Index to understand the computing resource that is best suited to your workload’s unique requirements, across a varied list of compute attributes.

Automate Intelligent Compute Provisioning

Set your compute constraints and preferences and allow our intelligent provisioning strategies to automatically select the Best Source of Compute for your workload.

Access The Power Of YellowDog Sigma

As well as the capabilities of Sigma+, you will also benefit from the power of YellowDog Sigma to manage computing resource from multiple providers, regions, and machine shapes.

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“The professional and timely manner of this collaboration has enabled OMass to rapidly screen a novel target and help the company in its’ ambition to build a pipeline of small molecule therapeutics.”

Giles Brown
Giles Brown VP, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, OMass

“The scale and speed of the platform is something OMass would not be able to replicate internally and we look forward to working with YellowDog in the future to further develop this capability.”

Giles Brown
Giles Brown VP, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, OMass

YellowDog Sigma+ Use Cases

Best Source of Compute

Increase performance by automatically choosing the most effective compute resource available.

Data-Led Compute Provisioning

Ensure regulatory, policy and SLA compliance with provisioning strategies that are influenced by user defined resource attributes and insight from the YellowDog Index.

Multi-Cloud Indexing

Improve decision making for workload scheduling and compute orchestration with multi-cloud, multi-region, and multi-machine insight.

Valuable Insight from the YellowDog Index

The YellowDog Index is a free, normalised global cloud data resource that analyses the vast array of compute provided by the main public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Alibaba Cloud. Using a range of filters, you can select the compute properties you need and the YellowDog Index will organise the results, so you can easily see and compare the compute that best matches your requirements.

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Best Source of Compute White Paper

Read our white paper that introduces and discusses the concept of the Best Source of Compute.

Intelligent Provisioning

Learn more about the challenges businesses face in provisioning cloud compute efficiently and effectively, and the impact of using YellowDog Sigma+.

Get The Best Source of Compute For Your Workloads

To book a demo of Sigma+, or to ask our team for further information, you're just a click away!

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