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YellowDog Platform

The YellowDog Platform is a collection of microservices. It is the heart of YellowDog. The YellowDog Platform performs the core functions relating to Hybrid & Multi-Cloud management, Best Source of Compute, and Predictive Scheduling.

The YellowDog Platform can be installed on-premise and in the cloud.


YellowDog is designed in the cloud, and not with cloud as an add-on or after-thought.  YellowDog supports legacy and container ready applications. All YellowDog services can be accessed via a REST API.

Java and .NET client libraries are also available.

Platform Deployment

Cloud-based YellowDog Platform deployments are managed via Kubernetes, enabling high availability and autoscaling.

Those businesses wanting to deploy the YellowDog Platform on-premise have the choice of deploying to their own Kubernetes clusters or to single or multiple virtual machines.


The YellowDog Agent

The YellowDog Agent is Installed on those servers and computers that are to be added to the computing pool that the YellowDog Platform can harness. These servers can be on-premise or in private and public clouds.


The YellowDog Agent runs on both on-premise and cloud worker nodes. The Agent is typically configured to start when the host node is started. The Agent, which can run virtualised or on bare metal, is responsible for launching YellowDog worker threads on these nodes. The Agent determines how many worker threads to start up and how to communicate with the YellowDog Platform via a local configuration file.

If the Agent is installed on-premise, the local configuration file is defined as part of installation and set-up. When the Agent is initiated for a cloud-based node, that configuration is automatically provided by the YellowDog Platform.

The YellowDog Agent and supporting software runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Why YellowDog is Market Leading

YellowDog works alongside existing infrastructure and solutions such as schedulers, grids and clusters. However, YellowDog is more flexible than other scale computing technologies.

YellowDog’s available RAM & CPU can be dynamically configured up & down without restarting an OS.

YellowDog is not restricted to a single datacentre or LAN.

YellowDog is naturally self-healing and resilient: if nodes fail, the job will still complete.

YellowDog is preconfigured to work with multiple Public and Private clouds rather than a single vendor.

YellowDog allows workloads to be spread across on-premise and cloud.

YellowDog doesn’t require applications to be re-written in order for them to benefit from our technology.

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