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The YellowDog Platform is a scalable, resilient and high availability platform for accessing the best source of compute for managing workloads.

Simple swift and secure for complex processes.

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With a single API, compute can be chosen, provisioned and controlled concurrently regardless of source:

  • Latent compute on-premise and in private clouds.
  • Cloud scale from leading cloud providers.

The YellowDog Platform offers self-healing and predictive scheduling to ensure workload deadlines can be managed effectively.

The YellowDog Platform is both deployment and cloud vendor agnostic and supports the execution of workloads from legacy and new applications.

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YellowDog is ISO 27001 registered and certified. In April 2019, YellowDog was also audited by Independent Security Experts (ISE) who undertake security audits for clients such as Disney. They were unable to compromise the YellowDog Platform.

YellowDog is designed with security firmly in mind. Businesses can opt for full behind the customer firewall implementations and can also use YellowDog’s Best Source of Compute functionality to ensure full compliance with policies.

Regardless of implementation type, YellowDog offers end-to-end security and encryption for all data transfer between the YellowDog Platform and Agents. On the servers themselves application encapsulation and encrypted file system technologies are deployed to help protect the data at rest and local processes.

White Paper // Journey to Multi-Cloud

Read YellowDog’s white paper which discusses the impact of the following:

  • The rise of the cloud
  • Opportunities of the cloud
  • Challenges of the cloud
  • Factors driving growth of multi-cloud
  • Steps to completing the multi-cloud journey
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“Cloud computing enables rapid innovation and YellowDog is a great example of an organization that is using it to revolutionize its industry.”

Deepak Patil Oracle
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