Foundry and YellowDog empower artists

Foundry believe in empowering digital artists to visualise their creative ideas. Foundry products such as Nuke have been doing that for years in countless major feature films. Modo is Foundry’s 3D modelling software and is used by household names across visual effects such as MPC, Double Negative, and Industrial Light & Magic. Coupled with YellowDog’s awesome render power and easy to use platform, Modo artists can take their productions beyond traditional limitations in processing power.

Modo also boasts custom add-ons such as V-Ray meaning that artists can seamlessly integrate V-Ray’s lighting, shading and rendering toolkit into Modo’s unique workflow. This pipeline is also supported by YellowDog’s latest release.

Gareth Williams, YellowDog’s founder, said:

“We are delighted to add support for Modo. Foundry have been helping studios for over twenty years with their products and innovation; it has been great fun working with their team in London to get our products working in harmony. The team and I can’t wait see studios develop their ideas with this powerful and flexible 3D modelling tool fuelled with the render power of YellowDog.”

YellowDog and Foundry have worked together over the last twelve months to support independent V-Ray for Nuke projects with artists such as Shahin Toosi and Ari Rubenstein. However, this is the first time that YellowDog compatibility for Foundry products has been made publicly available.

For artists already using Modo or V-Ray for Modo, free trials of YellowDog can be accessed here. Once the quick install is complete, the YellowDog Plugin will accurately compress and export scene files securely and efficiently to dedicated, 72 thread, render nodes. Rendered frames are automatically downloaded back to the location selected by the artist.

Find out more about YellowDog’s render platform.

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