LA studios get deep pipeline insight

YellowDog and their partners [RE]DESIGN hosted some of the best and brightest in the LA VFX and Animation industries last week. The event gave insight into the technological advances that production pipelines can get their hands on.

Tom Rockhill, YellowDog’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “It was fantastic to be back in LA in the home of our friends at RFX meeting with our partners at [RE]DESIGN and many of the studios who are creating the world’s greatest VFX and animation”.

YellowDog demonstrated how it is transforming the rendering pipeline for award winning studios across the globe. Afterward, others including [RE]DESIGN themselves took to the floor to share their innovations for different areas of the pipeline: giving attendees expert insight into production technology for 2018 and beyond.

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In particular, [RE]DESIGN presented their Artist Anywhere platform, enabling studios and artists alike to work with a world-class pipeline of tools, regardless of location. Their end to end cloud offering includes Pixit Media’s Pixstor storage and YellowDog’s cloud rendering platform, as well as software products from the likes of Autodesk and Redshift.

Tom’s YellowDog presentation resonated; he was inundated with studios wanting to discuss their particular rendering challenges and how YellowDog can seamlessly integrate into their unique setups. There was a lot to discuss, and it’s clear that LA studios are determined to advance their pipeline technology to ensure that they deliver the absolute best for their clients.

The evening ended with – of course – some YellowDog drinks! The team treated all attendees to YellowDog branded pint glasses, and all the YellowDog animation team are excited to build stronger connections with the LA studios it supports.

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