Animation Innovation using V-Ray for Nuke with YellowDog

This is the teaser for a short film that will be screened at a number of industry events in 2018: The Blues Crab, by compositing pioneer Ari Rubenstein.

With support from Foundry, Chaos Group, and YellowDog’s Cloud Render platform, this innovative short film could change the way that feature animation is produced; this is the longest film known to have been animated and rendered entirely within a compositing software: Nuke.

YellowDog were keen to support this project from the outset. Ari approached YellowDog when confronted with the limitations of the computing power he had available.

Ari said, “I had thought the setup and workflow would be a considerable challenge,but the reality is that YellowDog’s team  intuited all the bottlenecks which would deter a VFX studio from choosing a cloud rendering solution. Their plugins create a seamless interface with the Cloud Rendering architecture.”

The planned premier of the short film is at BFX 2018; with Ari and representatives from YellowDog, Chaos Group, and Foundry all set to attend.

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