This is the teaser for a short film that will be screened at a number of industry events in 2018: The Blues Crab, by Ari Rubenstein.

With support from Foundry, Chaos Group, and more, we at YellowDog knew that we wanted to be a part of it – and Ari recognised the power of the YellowDog Platform immediately.

“I had thought the setup and workflow would be a considerable challenge,” Ari explains, “but the reality is YellowDog’s team has already intuited all the bottlenecks which would deter a VFX studio from choosing a cloud rendering solution.”

It’s vital to us that animators and VFX artists don’t have to worry about changing their setup to start rendering in the cloud, and Ari’s experience demonstrates that our hard work has paid off: “Their plugins create a seamless interface with the Cloud Rendering architecture.”

Deadlines matter on any project and The Blues Crab is no different. Ari has some important dates to hit, and as he works to complete the short film in his spare time when not in his day job, there’s no time to hang around and wait for renders to finish. Getting quick results is essential.

Luckily for Ari – and hundreds of others who we work with – we’ve already thought of that. “The YellowDog system automates the archiving of our 3D scenes, upload and download, formatting and directory structures,” says Ari. “It is awesome, a complete soup to nuts solution!”

Want to watch the trailer? Just head here to watch – and go here to see who else is using the YellowDog Platform to make their animation and VFX rendering beyond simple.

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