YellowDog have seen a surge of growth from their start-up pup during 2015, announcing that they have now activated over 500 customers in just 12 months.

This is a superb achievement for the company increasingly becoming known for building the world’s fastest supercomputer. Their service is a revolution in rendering – this and the multiple awards they’ve won in the last year have helped them gain a customer base that reaches all around the globe.

Their largest collection of customers is within the UK, however YellowDog have achieved impressive growth internationally, now holding a render ‘kennel’ within 30 countries. From Albania to Canada, Finland to India, New Zealand to the USA. It’s clear to see this is one ambitious hound with a big appetite.

Customers are a variation of animators, 3D artists and studios that use the computer power from both the cloud and crowd, by YellowDog cleverly tapping into the unused processing power of thousands of computers.

Watch this space for the next leg of their global journey.

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