The experts at tech start-up YellowDog are giving 25% extra credit to subscriptions purchased with their speedy render service before the end of January 2017. For a limited time, they’re offering additional credit which can be used for current projects or can be kept for rendering jobs later in the year.

Open to new and existing customers, the offer requires a minimum purchase of £2,000. The extra 25% gives customers an extra £500 on a subscription. There’s no maximum amount that can be purchased; the more customers buy, the more customers get.

If you’re interested in larger subscriptions than £2,000, it’s worth giving the YellowDog team a bell (+44 (0) 330 223 249) or a ping to ensure the absolute best value for money.

Buying online is easy; login and click ‘Add Servers’, select the render power you’d like for your own supercomputer and securely pay by card. Boom!

Watch their short video on how to buy render servers. 

YellowDog want animators, 3D artists and design and film studios to have access to their superfast render service to help them keep costs under control and deliver projects on time.

Gareth Williams, Founder and Managing Director at YellowDog, said:

“Our render service is revolutionary and we want to offer everyone access to high quality, superfast renders at a great price, so animators and artists really can get value for money and at a fixed price. We hope this offer supports those tight budgets and additional projects that many animators have.  It’s also our way of saying thanks to those clients who have worked with us thus far.”

Flexible as ever, YellowDog can change the type of servers purchased on the subscription whenever their customers make a simple request. This makes sure that the customer is always in control of the time they have available on their subscription: increasing or decreasing depending on the power of server they choose.

The offer ends at midnight on Tuesday 31st January 2017 but subscription can be used at any time in 2017.  To take advantage, find out more and ‘Get Started’ at YellowDog.

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