With yet another first for the industry, YellowDog are delighted to announce that their render technology now supports Chaos Group’s VRscans

Chaos Group are a global market leader in rendering and simulation software: helping artists to create photoreal imagery and animation. VRScans allows animators to bring a new level of reality with digital materials for CGI.

Now that Chaos Group’s VRScans is on board, YellowDog have broadened their capability and service to the 3D animation and CGI sector.  Demand for ultra-high quality renders is increasing as the world’s moviemakers and creatives seek to enhance user experience.  VRscans is a game changer when it comes to digital presentation of physical materials. It scans real opaque materials and generates a virtual analogue as a digital material. The quality of these digital materials makes them ultra-photorealistic and accurate.

Commenting on this development, Gareth Williams, YellowDog’s Founder and Managing Director, said:

“We like firsts so being the first render service to support Chaos Group’s VRScans is another great accolade.  We love making our customers happy, regardless of the scale, size, and complexity of the job. VRscans is a real innovation in the market and it’s always a pleasure working with the team at Chaos Group.”

Dinko Dimitrov, Director Scanning Technologies at Chaos Group said:

“YellowDog is a very innovative and reliable partner who adopted with an ease our new way of measuring rendering consumption. It is very important for us to deliver to our clients quick, easy and quality solutions and these made YellowDog a perfect choice for our VRscans products.”

Read the VRscans Technical FAQ

YellowDog has developed  ‘Limitless Compute’ to help studios do more, create more, explore more; unleashed from limited computing power.

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