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The fast pace of today’s business world means that companies are increasingly driven to challenging deadlines and schedules. To meet their obligations, they need to work in an agile and responsive way. The cloud holds the answers to their problems, but not the full solution, as various providers offer different sources of compute. YellowDog taps into on-premise and multiple public and private business cloud solutions to harnesses unparalleled computing power. Predictive scheduling and orchestration determines, in real-time, the best source of compute for every workload to ensure that targets are met in the most efficient way.

How cloud computing is changing 3D rendering

Cloud computing technology allows companies to farm out 3D rendering to the cloud. Render farms are a critical time saver for film studios and other enterprise clients who need to process big chunks of data quickly with cloud solutions capable of CPU and GPU rendering. CGI rendering is a very demanding task. Where large animation or visual effects studios are concerned, such as Pixar or Marvel, each second of animation can have up to 60 frames. Even a single frame can take dozens of hours of CPU time or GPU time. YellowDog allows you to get 3D projects created with any software like Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D and Blender rendered in record time.

Cloud solutions for Financial Services

Financial services face the same challenges as animation studios. They need to accelerate and optimise critical processes, meet process deadlines efficiently and securely, reduce failure rates and optimise how workloads are distributed with virtually unlimited computer power. YellowDog allows you to scale, control and optimise by tapping into huge computing power, and all this without having to make costly hardware investments.


Cloud solutions for Aerospace

Aerospace companies are increasingly looking to accelerate and optimise simulations and shorten R&D cycles without investing in hardware. The cloud allows them to implement scientific computing processes quickly, efficiently and securely. Choosing to access secure computing power allows innovation in the aerospace sector to take off.

YellowDog Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Hundreds of companies choose YellowDog to source the right hybrid and multi-cloud computing solutions. They can choose, provision and control multiple sources of compute through a single API. YellowDog optimises every stage of the process for you so that self-healing and predictive scheduling manages workload deadlines effectively and reduces costs.

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On-premise, Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Through a single API, accelerate processing times and lower costs by securely distributing processes across on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

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Best Source of Compute

Choose, provision, and manage multiple cloud providers with the governance and controls required to meet regulation and policy.

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Predictive Scheduling

Calculate the price and performance of every machine available. This data is combined with other parameters to ensure processes are completed on time and on budget.

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One platform, multiple clouds

Platform Anywhere

YellowDog's leading intelligent and predictive scheduling and orchestration platform can be deployed in any IT environment.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Global Financial Institutions that want secure access to the cloud are turning to YellowDog to help meet the requirements of local regulatory bodies.
Cloud use rules and policies differ across the world and it is expensive to develop specific processes for each territory. YellowDog provides the controls to match a process, and its rules, with the best source of compute from the widest number of sources on the market.

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Utilisation of on-premise compute has been found to be as low as 5 – 10%. YellowDog’s unique ability to harness latent computing power increases utilisation to unprecedented levels. More computing power becomes available with zero investment in new hardware.
Deliver more computing power from existing infrastructure, ensure critical processes complete on time, reduce risk footprint, improve operational efficiency and lower costs.

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Customer Case Study

Discover how Fulcrum Asset Management have benefitted from YellowDog's hybrid cloud management solution.


Pricing and packages are available upon request. Send the YellowDog Financial Services team a message and they'll get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

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Understanding how best to leverage the computing options available from each of the cloud providers is hard work. YellowDog’s Professional Services Team can advise on the best practices to ensure your move to cloud is a smooth one and delivers the highest possible return on investment.

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