YellowDog Security

Integrity and trust is of huge importance to YellowDog. Underpinning both of these elements is security: of data transfer, of user credentials, of all YellowDog’s processes.

YellowDog is ISO 27001: 2013 certified for the provision of on-premise and cloud based rendering and batch processing services.

From the bottom up, YellowDog has been designed to be secure and private.

All user credentials are stored in an encrypted state on secure servers.  YellowDog does not store any login details for any of the third party payment services that YellowDog integrates with.

IS0 27001 : 3013 certification fro the provision of on-premise and cloud rendering and batch processing services


All data is transferred from Studios’ computers to YellowDog using military-grade encryption (256-bit AES) authentication once a user has successfully authenticated. This ensures that both end-points are trusted and that it’s is virtually impossible for anyone to snoop on the data as it’s being transferred.

Once a job has been sent to YellowDog for rendering, all data processing is encapsulated on the host computer and any data stored on an encrypted RAM drive on render nodes. This means that no one can see the work that’s being rendered nor access the render input or output data. Once the job has finished, the encrypted RAM drive is removed and all data for the render deleted.

To further improve security, most render nodes only render parts of the whole job. This means that the only people who can see whole jobs are the Studios themselves or YellowDog System Administrators, with the express permission of the Studio.

As soon as rendering is complete, the final render output is transferred back to the Studios using the same military-grade secure encryption methods.

Studios have full control over the processing taking place. This is achieved either through the YellowDog Plugin, through YellowDog Sync, or through the YellowDog web interface. This means that, at any time, all processing can be stopped and all files deleted.

For Naked YellowDog customers, the only people with access to the render nodes are those customers themselves which adds an extra layer of security and protection.

Expanded YellowDog Security Document PDF

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Our integrations with key partners such as Oracle give us security, speed, and scale.

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