How YellowDog is Green

Datacentres are typically big and power hungry, both in terms of energy consumed by the servers they house, but also significant energy required for cooling. Efficiencies vary but it isn’t unusual to consume half as much energy as the amount used by the servers in cooling.

Some computing jobs are best conducted in datacentres where servers need to be close to each other for very fast communication between nodes.  However there are also many compute jobs that can be distributed by sending a small amount of information, a computer working on a problem and then sending back the result.  Computer rendering works in this way.

YellowDog distributes render jobs among hundreds or thousands of machines, that could be located anywhere with a decent broadband connection.  The beauty of using multiple datacentres in multiple locations with multiple providers is that they are naturally distributed and not all on the same part of the electricity grid.

YellowDog uses machines, either in datacentres’ or enterprises’ local environment that are idle – increasing utilisation for better energy efficiency.

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