Written Guide with Images | YellowDog Quick Start

  1. Create an account on YellowDog.
  2. Click the link on the activation email and login to YellowDog.
  3. Download and install YellowDog Sync.
  4. Run YellowDog Sync and login to your account, using the same credentials as the YellowDog web site.
  5. Make sure your 3D software is closed.
  6. In YellowDog Sync, go to the Software tab and install the plugins for the software you use.
  7. Open a file with your 3D software.
  8. Make sure all the render settings are correct.
  9. Export the scene to YellowDog using the YellowDog Plugin.

  10. Add some servers to your account by pressing Add Servers. You’ll need to add some billing details at this point to make sure the invoices are correct.
  11. Pick the type, the number and how many you need – the calculator can help you with this.
  12. Pay for the servers with a credit or debit card.
  13. Create a new job by pressing New Job and then press Start. Your dedicated render servers will now be started – be patient this may take a few minutes as the servers need to initialised, the software loaded and our benchmarking to finish.

  14. As your frames are rendered, they will automatically be downloaded by YellowDog Sync, or you can download them individually from the web interface.

Once the full job is complete, you’ll be emailed a notification.


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