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Here you can find answers to the most asked questions from our customers.

We’ve split our FAQ into three sections:

  • YellowDog Platform – general features and capability
  • Active Render Jobs – more specific support questions we receive
  • Billing – everything from how to buy servers to invoice access to discount.

If you can’t find what you need, call us today or leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

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Platform Questions

Is YellowDog secure?

Yes. YellowDog is ISO 27001 : 2013 approved for the provision of cloud rendering and batch processing services.

See the YellowDog Security page for more detail.

IS0 27001 : 3013 certification fro the provision of on-premise and cloud rendering and batch processing services

Can I gain remote access to servers purchased directly in platform?

To maintain the security of YellowDog across our entire customer estate, we don’t allow you to access the servers directly.

If you require support for your job, please contact our support team at 

Does YellowDog support GPU rendering?

Yes we do!

Contact our team for more details


find out what software ‘Standard YellowDog’ supports here.

What software, render engines, and plugins do you support?

With Naked YellowDog, we can support any software. Contact us to find out more details about this integration.

With Standard YellowDog, we support 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, mental ray, Corona, Redshift and more. For the full list, go to the supported software list. 

Does YellowDog ever run out of power?

YellowDog never runs out of power because of our technology platform and capability. You can read our article on it here ‘Limitless Compute’. We have access to more cores than any one single render farm or cloud provider and have capacity with multiple ISO27001 compliant datacentres.

Does YellowDog have an API?

Yes, YellowDog does have an API. Contact the YellowDog team if you’d like to use the YellowDog API to integrate with your production pipeline.

Where is data stored?

Your project files are stored in secure data centres, operated by vetted public cloud providers, in zero-carbon data centres that are typically ISO27001 certified.

If you have specific storage location requests, YellowDog can customise solutions to business needs.

Active Project Questions

I'm just getting started - how do I use YellowDog?

Check out our walkthrough videos. 


If you use Linux or need more assistance, contact us.

Do you provide free trials?

Yes we do.

It can take up to 24 hours for you to receive it.

Each new customer receives 5 hours free on our CPU or GPU machines.

If you’re still waiting for your free trial or would like to enquire about our free of charge testing service for an upcoming project, contact us. 

How long should it take to export my scene?

Exporting your scene to YellowDog should be a quick experience but this is not always possible. There could be a number of reasons for it taking longer than a few minutes.

For example, export time can increase if you have a lot of of assets. Using YellowDog Sync will help to speed up the archiving and export process and we have other technical solutions such as Central Asset Repository (CAR) to securely store your assets so that everything required for your render to complete successfully is already in the cloud ahead of render time.

To find out more details on this or on setting up YellowDog Sync to securely automate the upload and download of your scene files and finished renders, contact our team at 

Why isn't my job starting?
  1. Check that you have credit added to your account. Quickly see how to add credit here. 
  2. It can take a few minutes to launch and assign your render nodes and then start the right software. If you’re worried, please get in touch at with the name of your job and we’ll look into it for you.
  3. Make sure that you have entered your personal details including your VAT number when you Login to the YellowDog platform. 

For information on VAT numbers, see this Wikipedia article.

How will I know how long each job will take?

We provide a free of charge testing service to enable you to make accurate estimates or to obtain fixed rate rendering for animations. Contact us to find out more about testing your frames and calculating your render times. 

Once your job has started, you can see the completion percentage by looking at the progress circle in platform. For animations, this is calculated by measuring completed frames vs incomplete frames.

For single frames, the percentage completion can jump from 0% to 100% upon completion of the frame.

If you need more information on the progress of your job, you can email our  support team. 


Can you automatically predict how long my render will take?

The YellowDog team have developed an advanced algorithm that tells you how long your job will take to process before we start. This algorithm uses a number of mathematical techniques to determine this and, right now, it’s still learning.

This means the time predictions aren’t as accurate as we need them to be so we haven’t enabled the capability in the YellowDog platform to let you see the time estimate. As soon as it’s good enough, we will.

Can I see a preview of the renders as they're being developed?

Yes you can! You can see the thumbnails of the frames next to the job as they appear in your platform.

You will also see completed frames download as they complete to your local folder directory via YellowDog Sync.

How do I delete my files from YellowDog?

You can keep your files on YellowDog for as long as you want. To delete them from your platform, look for the rubbish bin icon next to your project and that will delete all the files associated with that project.

Billing Questions

How much does YellowDog cost?

YellowDog pricing is simple. We don’t confuse customers by offering lists of machine specs with different prices and hidden charges on data or storage or by talking in GHz.

Customers pay £4.50 per hour per machine for access to CPU or GPU.

As standard, CPU machines are 36 core, 72 thread, with a Cinebench Score of 4018.

GPU machines contain dual NVIDIA Tesla P100 technology with 192 GB RAM.

How much your job costs will depend on the size of the job. Contact our team for more information on costs, ways of maximising value for money, and determining fixed rates or quotations.

Why is there a limit to how many servers I can buy in platform?

There’s no limit but we need to have certain controls in our platform.

If you need to purchase more than 50 servers in one go, give us a call (+44 (0) 330 223 2499) or send us an email ( and we’ll make sure we give you the best price and service for that amount of compute.

Why is there a minimum charge?

The first purchase you make with YellowDog is subject to a minimum charge but this credit will remain yours and can be used whenever you need it.

When extending subscription, the smallest amount you can purchase is one hour’s render time. We measure rendering to the second so you can be assured that you will only get charged for what you use.

Can I pay more part way through a render to increase the speed?

Yes. This may result in an increase in the speed of your rendering, but not necessarily increase the overall cost of the job.

If you’d like to add more servers to your account or would like to find out about volume discounts, get in touch with the team. 

How will I know how much the render will cost?

You can estimate the cost of the job yourself using our pricing calculator.

You can get a fixed quote from our team. Contact us to find out how.

What is my Cinebench score?

You can download the programme for free and calculate it yourself very quickly.

Visit the Maxon website and find out your score. 

Where is my invoice?

Depending on your preferences, you should receive invoices for purchases made via email.

You will therefore be able to download your invoices from two places:

  1. From the email you receive when you buy your servers.
  2. From the YellowDog web interface: go to the Subscriptions tab, find the relevant subscription, and click on the ‘£’ icon.
How do I change my details and the details on my invoice?

You can do that by changing your Account Preferences. Login to the YellowDog web interface, click on the cog in the top right corner, and change your details there.

This will also change the details on your invoice.

What happens if my job completes but I have unused server time?

You only ever get charged what you use. Any unused time will remain on your account until you render again with YellowDog.

What happens if I run out of the server time I have purchased?

You will be emailed 30 minutes before your server time runs out, and then five minutes before the end. You’ll can extend your current subscription for however long you need.

Can I have a refund for unused time?

That server time is yours and will remain yours. There’s no way to exchange your unused server time for a refund.

Do you offer discount?

Yes we do! The more you buy, the better the price. To access customer loyalty pricing, get in touch with our team.  

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