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How Can Studios Spread The Cost of Rendering?

Cloud Rendering and Render Farms are useful solutions for studios looking to quickly deliver 3D productions to demanding client deadlines. Occasionally, a studios desire to use these premium rendering solutions may be impacted by budget restrictions, cash flow pressure, or procurement delays.

That is why YellowDog is proud to offer its customers flexible payment options and increasingly helping studios to spread the cost of rendering through manageable special price packages.

Cloud Render Price Packs

CPU & GPU On-Demand

Buy credit on demand at standard price. Credit applied to account is deducted when rendering occurs and stays on account for future use if excess is available.


Monthly Packages

Purchase credit for an entire month's worth of rendering. Calculate what you need with the YellowDog team. Volume discounts may be applicable for these bulk purchases.

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Contract Packages

Commit to discounted 3, 6, or 12 month contracts that evenly spread payments. Work with the YellowDog team to optimise price & performance.


Benefits of Spreading Cloud Render Costs

Smooth Studio Cash Flow

Lowest Rates for Large Productions

Scalable Alternative to Colocation

What Solutions Are Available?

Select Service

Sophisticated integration used predominantly by medium/large 3D studios wishing to use YellowDog as an intelligent management platform for multiple cloud providers. Typically, studios use an existing render manager such as Deadline, Tractor, or Qube.  

Full Service

Turnkey solution with included licensing and YellowDog Sync render manager. The Full Service solution is available to studios who use specific pipelines explained on the YellowDog Supported Software page.



“With YellowDog, we lock in a reduced rate for their powerful 72 thread CPU machines. We provide a fixed monthly payment and spread it evenly throughout the year – irrespective of our peaks and troughs on the slate. We know exactly how many machines we get, how many hours of rendering we can use, and how powerful every machine is, so we have total clarity on our available computing power.”

Rob Walsh Head of Visualisation, PriestmanGoode

Cloud Rendering Contract Case Study


PriestmanGoode is an award winning London based design and brand experience agency. They are leaders in aviation, transport, product, and environment design.

PriestmanGoode use YellowDog Full Service to render 3ds Max and V-Ray with multi-cloud infrastructure at a fixed, low price, with manageable monthly payment terms.

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Get the Perfect Package Today

Start the conversation with us so we can give your studio the right cloud render solution, at the right price, on the right payment terms.

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