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Studio Driven Render Solution

Studios can use YellowDog with any 3D pipeline. Any modelling software. Any render engine. Any render manager. Any anything.

The YellowDog philosophy is to help studios to scale, control, and optimise their workloads and pipelines – no matter what software requirements they have.

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Working With Industry Specialists

Pipeline and Render Manager Integration

Access to the YellowDog Platform for 3rd party applications including render managers such as Tractor, Deadline, Royal Render, or Qube, can be done indirectly via client libraries or directly via a REST API.

The YellowDog Platform is configured to securely integrate with customer license servers and pipelines where necessary.

YellowDog software design benefits from a number of supporting 3rd party technologies – some of which can be seen in the image here.

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YellowDog Software Architecture

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YellowDog Technology

Take a deep dive into the core use cases, categorisation, and applications for YellowDog technology.

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