Tell me in your own words what you do.

We’re a CGI company specialising in children’s animation.
Why is rendering important in your business?

When you produce an animation in CGI, everything has to be rendered to make everything look better! Without rendering you would never get your final product; it’s an important step to produce the final look of the CGI show.

How did you first hear about Yellowdog? And why did you choose them?

We heard about them online. We were then contacted by Jack through a producer I know. We did some testing, worked through initial issues, and have been working on some great projects together.

What do you think of the rendering service YellowDog offers?

They offer a great online platform, a good interface that is easy to use and a supportive team, very supportive. They stand out in pricing as it’s flexible and you can see what is rendering at a given time.

Which projects have you worked with them on?

We’re working on long term projects that we can’t yet talk about! We started working with YellowDog in May this year and have a couple of projects we are working on together. We did a few episodes with YellowDog and now working towards the long term projects.

What do you think of how rendering processes have changed over time?

There is now a wide range of renderers in the market. There are three to four main renderers out there and YellowDog supports two of them for the moment.  The speed has improved but at the same time the quality and expectation has grown too. It is still a challenge and online there are lots of render farms. In my 20 years in the industry, it has absolutely changed – the way things get rendered as well as the speed.  To name a few examples, the lighting techniques like final gathering, Global illumination and render layers have improved drastically. The render times are still a challenge but with faster processor it has significantly improved.

What do you think the future holds for the industry?

Things will move towards working online. The main thing about having in-house render power is that the machine needs updating every couple of years and it’s very expensive to maintain so every company is looking for an online rendering facility. In the future, there will be more and more companies like YellowDog. For us we use about 40% online renders and 60% in-house, so that will probably reverse to 60% online and 40% in-house. Every company will use render power, as CGI is required in every aspect of visual industries – architecture, commercials, and TV series. Every company I know they do significant amount of rendering online.

What do you run on?

Lots of coffee! Coffee keeps me going. And people around me that are energetic and can get on with things – like YellowDog. They have lots of enthusiasm, they’re very supportive and they’re on top of things. That really helps us. And it’s great to be able to bounce ideas around with like-minded people.