When Creativity Can’t Wait for Rendering

When you are in the flow of a creative passion, you know it. The ideas pour from your mind, you almost struggle to keep up with yourself there is so much genius, and you forget what it’s like to find your art difficult.

And then there are the days when nothing comes easy, everything is difficult, and when you come to look at the work you’ve created a day later, you’re almost embarrassed at the amateur level.

As an animator, VFX artist, or anyone who works in a creative role, you want to grasp at every opportunity that you have when the creativity is flowing – and the last thing you want is for rendering to be so slow that you have to wait around to see the results of your labour. As soon as the client calls with a requested change, you don’t want to have to wait overnight for the new renders to be ready. Creativity can’t wait for rendering.

It’s a challenge that Shahin Toosi, VFX artist on The Dark Knight, Thor: The Dark World, and Captain America: The First Avenger, knows all too well. When working on thousands of frames for a tight deadline, he used to avoid cloud rendering completely because he just couldn’t find a vendor that could deliver.

“There was always a complicated setup,” Shahin tells us, “and sometimes it was just too complex. It became easier just to wait for the render farm to catch up.”

But working on high profile titles with some of the biggest Hollywood names in the business doesn’t mean that you can wait around. That’s when Shahin decided to give the YellowDog platform a try – and he was astonished at just how easy the setup process was. “The team at YellowDog did almost all the work!” Shahin said, with a smile. “I wasn’t left on my own trying to figure it out, and then I could immediately get started.”

The proof, of course, is in the pudding. Shahin has the highest expectations, and that’s exactly the same bar that we set here at YellowDog, so he was not disappointed. As Shahin reveals: “The results were outstanding, and delivered far easier than a typical render farm would be able to offer.”

Another day and another inspirational creative can get on with their day without stress.


Here at YellowDog, we may not be animators, create VR experiences, or be masters of compositing: but we do know cloud rendering. It’s what we do best, and it allows our favourite artists and studios to do what they do best.

Interested to learn how our YellowDog platform can help you? Read our blog on our belief in #LimitlessCompute, and click here to watch a quick video tour of the YellowDog render platform.

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