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3ds Max – The Software

3ds Max is a software tool to create 3D animations, models and digital images. An Autodesk product, 3ds Max is often used for character modelling and animation and is unmatched for simplicity and speed. With polygon modelling, 3D artists have a high level of control, giving them a greater range of precision.

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Supported 3ds Max Render Engines

YellowDog supports the following render engines with 3ds Max, all available with Windows.

Windows // Redshift, V-Ray, mental ray, Corona

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Available 3rd Party Plugins

  • Anima
  • Blinds
  • Complex Fresnel
  • Crossmap
  • Forestpack
  • RailClone
  • Laubwerk
  • Ornatrix
  • Phoenix FD
  • XGen
  • XMesh

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