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The last 7 months working with YellowDog has flown by. Starting as an intern I had only expected to be here for 6 weeks, so I was elated when I was asked to stay on longer. It’s been a great experience, one which I will look on happily in the future. I decided to distil my parting message into a letter.

Looking Back on My Time at YellowDog

To all the team at YellowDog,


In my application cover letter, I set my expectations for YellowDog:

“After reading about YellowDog’s vision I realised this was a company that was providing an interesting and refined solution. A solution that has enabled people to realise their creative vision and bypass the computing limitations they face in their work… It’s clear that your products reflect your values, and this can only be down to the highly-skilled and engaged team you have.”

I can only say that my expectations were completely exceeded.

I am immensely grateful for the whole YellowDog Team – it has been an amazing place to work. Being surrounded by a group of fun, driven and extremely helpful people has been a dream and I have gained so much knowledge during my time here. I am so thankful you decided to take a chance on me, I hope I have provided you with some value in return and hope the tools I created will continue to aid YellowDog’s growth in the future.

The experience, friendship and support I gained was more than I could hope to repay, I truly hope for, and look forward to, any future “YellowDog & Will” collaborations.

Through building and refining my work in financial services, I have gained a wealth of experience ranging from working with constantly changing systems, building professional looking applications and working with cloud services.

I am so thankful for the many team members who took time to help me improve and I’m proud of the product we created. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Ben, for his endless patience and great knowledge of the cloud.
  • Justas, for his awesome C# proficiency.
  • Liv, for her great advice on making a product look professional.
  • Niall, for his constant constructive criticism and experience with the industry.
  • Alan, for being a general wizard.

And to all the other people that have helped along the way, I am sincerely grateful.

Unfortunately, these good times must come to an end as I transition to a new job in London. I cannot fault YellowDog’s culture or business; it has been fantastic and has set a high bar for future roles to meet. For myself, due to timelines I am stepping away but I will always look back on my internship with YellowDog fondly.


Thank you so much to the whole team for making this experience so great.

Will Wright

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