How to Use Active Bodies in the Beta of Phoenix FD 4

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Time to get active with this 3D Tip looking at how to use Active Bodies in the new Beta of Phoenix FD 4, using Maya.

Watch the video tutorial below

In this tutorial, Joe walks through:

  • Setting up basic object fill simulation
  • Creating active bodies and linking them to the solver
  • Using the active body ground planes
  • Adjusting the density of active bodies
  • Adjusting the centre of mass of active bodies
  • Adjusting the friction of the active bodies with the fluid simulation
Phoenix FD is a complete solution for fluid dynamics that can be used to simulate liquids, smoke, fire, ocean waves, splashes and more. It is a single, powerful plugin that has a fast setup and can be seamlessly integrated into 3ds Max and Maya and optimized to render with V-Ray.

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