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YellowDog’s Natasha (Tash) turns the tables on the infamous task of creating good first impressions in a new job. Its not just about the first impression you’re making. What about the impression your new employer is leaving on you? 

The First Impression

There’s a lot of blogs that stress the importance of a good first impression when you start in a new job.  Brush your teeth, don’t be late, bring a pen and paper etc. These are the basics but just like our first days at school, they can count for a lot.

But what about the first impressions that businesses should create?

In a new job, I think there’s some key aspects to look out for: people, environment, culture, product, and – OF COURSE – the customers!

Here’s a tiny slice of insight into my first few weeks as a business development executive at YellowDog, Plus, if you’re looking for a change of job, five tips of landing the perfect role.


On my first day, I was welcomed by a team of genuinely helpful and highly motivated people. Seeing busy people making time for you is always re-assuring. And if that wasn’t enough, one member of staff was particularly enthusiastic and welcoming: Boggins – the office dog.

Are these people that will make sacrifices for you? Will you sacrifice for them? I think the answer to both of these should always be yes.


The office or studio or cafe where you work is where you’ll spend 40 hours a week – and probably a lot more at some point – so you had better like it!

A vibrant mural is painted across half of the YellowDog office wall.  I love it!

The mural is faced by a huge glass window that overlooks Bristol’s Castle Park and the Bristol Floating Harbour. It’s a special view and its great to see the city bustling whilst I work away at my desk and make calls.

Can you relax in your space? Do you take pride in the space?


At YellowDog, staff are happy. Like…actually happy. Whether they’re extroverts or introverts, everyone buzzes around sharing ideas and working together like a well-oiled machine. Many of them enjoy flexibility like family friendly working hours and working from home. My first impression was that YellowDog has a culture that cares – importantly, everyone cares for the company cause in return.

When I found out that each week, every single member of staff has a protected diary slot to speak with their manager to offer feedback, raise concerns,  and throw ideas  around, the concept of office politics doesn’t have the opportunity to come into play and sour the atmosphere.

Does your company care about you? Do you really care about the company?


YellowDog has brilliant technology. I’m still learning about some of the features that our customers use to rapidly speed up their 3D computer generated images (CGI). As YellowDog is a nimble company, I was able to join customer meetings in my first week and start to hear from customers first-hand what benefits YellowDog was bringing to their studio. The product isn’t something knocked out of a factory production line and bundled into vans. It isn’t stacked high and sold cheap to anyone that wants it.

YellowDog’s cloud render platform is an incredible solution for creative studios hooked on cutting edge technology. Best of all its constantly evolving and growing becausue the industry is so dynamic. That is AWESOME!

Do you love what you sell? And do customers love it as much as you do?


Ever been in sales? Or had to dial the phone to anyone ever when they aren’t expecting your call? I don’t think its always a pleasurable gig if I’m being honest.

Business development calls at YellowDog are different.

On my first day speaking to studios over the phone, those that had heard of YellowDog were excited to chat. That was a sure sign that YellowDog had built strong relationships. Those that hadn’t heard of us were curious. Above all, whether they had a need for YellowDog or not, artists, producers, executives, and managers in creative studios seemed to be generally just damn nice people.

Do you look forward to speaking to your customers?  Do you genuinely care about making them happy?

First Impressions Last

Thanks to good first impressions, I’m excited. I’m throwing myself in at the deep end. I look forward to talking with more and more studios in Europe, US, Asia, and beyond each day to see whether YellowDog’s Cloud Render Platform can help them.

Had the first impressions gone the other way when I joined YellowDog, there probably wouldn’t be much commitment from either of us to one another. Both YellowDog and I could be back on the unenviable treadmill to fill a team vacancy.

What about before the first impressions?

First impressions in a new job are all well and good.  But what about getting to that role that you always wanted?

If you are struggling to peel yourself out of bed in the morning and tend to spend most of the day listening to your colleagues gossiping by the water cooler, I’d say it’s time to make a change!

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime. I’m pretty sure that 90,000 hours is a looooong time to be clock watching and itching to race out the door at the end of each day. In America, almost 90% of people have no passion for their jobs. 

Reality check! There is no ‘quick fix’ and bitterness doesn’t tend to get results in my experience. An old school friend of mine once sent her HR manager a furious email about why she hated her job after a few beers on a Friday. That friend still works in the same job three years later but no longer goes for Friday drinks. The HR manager is not her greatest advocate.

So I don’t recommend sending sniping emails, but I can recommend these 5 tips which seemed to work for me before I landed at YellowDog.

  • Networking events work. I went to whatever networking events I could spare the time for. Lots are free to attend if you don’t have the coin to make paid ones. I met people travelling the same search as me. You might too. Better yet, you might talk to some top dogs at those companies you have been eyeing up for an opening.
  • Build on your skills! Previous life routines have often looked like this for me: finish work, eat dinner, collapse on couch, consume endless Netflix, sleep, repeat. You get the picture. Yes, it can be difficult to push if you’re in a bit of a rut and looking for a new challenge. But swapping up endless empty hours for some light reading or podcasts or online courses can definitely make a difference.
  • Proactively reach out.  I often think that an action that may have taken me less than a minute could be life changing. Put yourself in front of those companies you have been eyeing up regardless of whether they’re looking or not. Small actions like a LinkedIn connection or a friendly email could just put you at the top of the pile when something comes up.
  • Stay grounded. If you’re reading this far down, I’m probably preaching to the converted by now. You never know if the office apprentice who brought your coffee this morning will end up as the CEO of a kickass company in 5 years from now flicking past your CV. Maybe that’s a bit extreme but good people have come good for me when I needed it.
  • Take time. This was the one that I needed the most. To give me perspective. Get that laptop and mobile turned off. Dance to your favourite jam. Whack a facemask on. I recommend these facemasks – this goes for men too!  It took me a few days of being totally offline, spending time with family (and copious amounts of orchid scented baths), to realise that it was time to make a change.


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