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YellowDog is a proud Cloud Render Farm partner to Chaos Group and as we render a lot of VRscans, we wanted to give an introduction to this awesome software for our loyal 3D Tips fans.

Watch the video tutorial below 

In this tutorial, Joe shows you:

  • An explanation of VRscans
  • How to use the VRscans library to find and download a material
  • How to apply the VRscans material to an object in Maya
  • An explanation of the parameters/tweaking the appearance of the material
3ds Max is a software tool to create 3D animations, models and digital images. An Autodesk product, 3ds Max is often used for character modelling and animation and is unmatched for simplicity and speed. With polygon modelling, 3D artists have a high level of control, giving them a greater range of precision.

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