Snapshot of the CGI Rendering Industry brought to you by YellowDog

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Rendering is a natural entry point for Cloud in Media and Entertainment.

YellowDog’s Cloud Rendering team requested anonymised data from professionals in Media and Entertainment, specifically those involved in 3D rendering for visualisation, visual effects, and animation.

Collected over a period of several weeks between August and September 2018, the report which can viewed by clicking below represents a cross section of the global industry which sheds light on:

1. Profiling of respondents within the 3D rendering industry

2. CGI Pipeline Software Analysis

3. Cloud Render Behaviour

4. Conclusion

Let us know what you think of the survey results in the comments below. Does our data reflect what is happening in your studio?

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yelldog says:

Ha! you’re not the first to suggest that one but we didn’t want our fans thinking that we’d ‘computer generated’ this report. 😉 Have a great day! 🙂

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