This is apPROXYmately our best tip ever! Working with Redshift proxies in Cinema 4D! No puns were harmed in the making of this description.

Watch now for a top draw explanation of the following:

-Definition of Proxy files
-Exporting proxies and settings
-Importing proxies and viewport settings
-Managing materials
-Exporting proxies with animation

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Harold Skolnick says:

Another concise clear tutorial. Wondering whether the R20 Multi Instance will change the workflow?

Jack @ YellowDog 3D Tips says:

Thanks Harold – our 3D Tips artist Joe will be delighted – he’s on a short holiday right now but I’ll make sure he sees your comment – and may get back with a better answer than mine 🙂
From what I can tell, there’s no fundamental change to workflow that you HAVE to do.
You might like this video I’ve put link to below from Cineversity – depending on how Redshift works with R20 – not something we’ve tried yet but we’ll get on it!

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