How Can YellowDog Transform Multiple Industries?

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YellowDog technology is now being used in two different industries – media and entertainment and financial services – with new markets planned for the coming years. Jamie Donald, Head of Sales for Financial Services shares the six most burning questions that he is asked with insider details about how YellowDog works across multiple verticals.

Why is YellowDog moving away from media and entertainment?

The simple answer is that we’re not! From inception, YellowDog has been developed to be multi-vertical and transform multiple industries. We continue to invest resources into our rendering application for animation and VFX and develop solutions to serve our customers better year on year. This year, we felt that the team was at a point where it was the right time to move into our second market.

Of all industries and sectors, why financial services?

The YellowDog team evaluated different markets and continue to do so but financial services became obvious as the logical next step. Our location in Bristol, our partnership with SETsquared, and gaining recognition through the PwC Scale Programme have created opportunities with large financial institutions. The talent that we’ve recruited have strong experience in this market. Our decision was validated when, before we even announced our expansion into financial services, we were approached by a major financial institution. They recognised that the core value which YellowDog delivers to high volume creative studios would help them to overcome the challenges they faced when managing their own batch processes.

How is it going with financial services?

Our value proposition of helping to solve big batch processing problems by releasing the huge latent potential in organisations’ existing compute is definitely resonating with the industry. We help them to process business critical information faster, drive down costs, improve IT utilisation, and reduce risk.

Following our successful launch at Finovate, we are now engaged with a number of institutions who are developing projects using YellowDog to unblock some of their existing challenges. We expect to work with these companies very closely over the coming months and move to licensing later in the year.

What is it about YellowDog that enables it to be successful in both industries?

In broad terms, YellowDog is parallelising large batch processes across available infrastructure. The secret to YellowDog is the inherent adaptability to talk to different types of infrastructure plus the ability to run without conflicting with existing applications. When you add on top of that the additional services around the edge such as machine learning which helps to reduce the failure rate of batch process – therefore reducing the risk footprint for major institutions – you can see why both VFX/animation studios and banks want to access that sort of technology.

How will user experience differ between the two industries?

YellowDog for financial services will sit on same code base as rendering although some of the GUIs are being adapted and configured by our professional services team for our financial services customers. However, we already deliver large amounts of configuring and bespoke setup for our animation and VFX customers which is driven by the variety of software used in each studio environment – part of the nature of the industry. I  think that we’ll do less bespoke creation for financial services in some cases.

What is next – do you have a third sector on the horizon?

Choosing our next channel will be based on the same indicators that pointed us towards financial services. Is there an opportunity that presents itself to us? How can we grow within and beyond the UK region? Are the right people available to help us grow in that particular market? There are very few limits on the type of industry that we can expand into, but it’s really important to the team here to ensure that we are delivering on our potential in our current two industries before making the next leap! That’s what makes YellowDog an exciting place to be at over the next few years.

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Financial Services

Financial Services

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