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Our founder, Gareth, explains how we scale at YellowDog.

This year feels different.

According to the OECD, a “scaleup (company) is a company who has an average annualized return of at least 20% in the past 3 years with at least 10 employees in the beginning of the period.”

So YellowDog is scaling up.

But the difference isn’t just our growth.

At the end of 2016 we received some funding from our first institutional investors, Bloc Ventures, as well as some more investment from the crowd and our existing angel investors.

So YellowDog has had more funding.

But the difference isn’t just the capital we have available.

This year, we’ve been accepted onto PwC’s Scale and Ernst Young’s Accelerating Entrepreneurs programmes, two prestigious schemes that aim to help growing businesses grow faster and in the right way.

So YellowDog is being recognised by some of the world’s leading business services companies.

But the difference isn’t just the training, guidance, and support we’re getting from others.

The difference is that for the first time in over three years, I’m not involved in ‘doing’ everything. Some time ago, when I was promoted at Orange, my role changed from primarily ‘doing’ to ‘reviewing’. Rather than writing a product specification or managing a project to deliver change, I grew into a role where I reviewed and approved other people’s plans and made decisions when the team was stuck. As I moved to senior positions in other companies, that trend continued.

Since 2015, I’ve been doing everything at some point in YellowDog: sales, marketing, payroll, financial planning, operations, customer support. The whole shebang. This year, at YellowDog, we have professionals dedicated to doing those jobs and I’m moving on to reviewing mode.

I like it. This is how we scale.

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