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Guest Blog by GCSE student, Steven

Today is the last day of our work experience student: Steven.
He shares his experience here so that you can find out what he got up to and what he learned in his week with YellowDog.


My first day started at 5am; after some toast and coffee, I cycled my paper round extra early. After this, I changed into work-suitable clothes and boarded a crowded bus into Bristol city centre. The traffic was dreadful and I was delayed by half an hour but luckily I left early. I arrived on time for the 9.30 start time and I was greeted by YellowDog’s director of development, Alan. He showed me around the Engine Shed and told me about the building, which was constructed out of an old section of Temple Meads for start-up companies based in Bristol. After this tour, I was taken down to the YellowDog HQ where I met the team that I’d be working with for the week. I was assigned a desk and given a laptop to set up Windows 10 on. Most of the day was spent researching on the laptop and drinking a swimming pool’s worth of coffee. Towards the end of the day I was introduced to Maya – a 3D rendering software – and asked to make a tree with the skills I had learnt. However, it ended up looking more like some random shapes hastily put together; not bad for a first attempt though.

Engine Shed building with YellowDog Office


Started with me oversleeping and waking up at 6am rather than 5am, which meant skipping breakfast and a coffee to get my 40 minute paper round done on time. I caught the bus afterwards half an hour early to get through traffic quicker and be on time for the 9am start. The beginning of the day was spent in a Skype meeting with the team in Lithuania, who showed everyone new rendering tech they had made for YellowDog. For the rest of the day I worked with Iris, YellowDog’s Render Wrangler from Holland, trying to make a Lego brick on Maya. However, Maya 2018 decided it wasn’t going to work in the way we wanted it to. We tried using a remote server after lunch break but that also decided it didn’t want to work. We then downloaded Maya 2016 and tried making the Lego brick on there.  I found it difficult to get the hang of some of the features so I watched a tutorial on YouTube on how to make a basic spaceship in Maya. I copied the tutorial but somehow my spaceship ended up looking more like a box, or a TT fighter from Star Wars.

Blue screen of death on laptop


I started my day by contemplating my tiredness standing in the shower, then downing a cup of coffee, munching two slices of toast, doing my paper round, and hopping on to a 7am bus.  The day started with a stand-up meeting (a meeting where we all have 2 minutes to discuss our agendas).I introduced myself and talked about what I’d done (mostly drink coffee and making shapes on Maya) and what I planned to do that day. The first part of the day was spent talking with Jack, YellowDog’s Marketing Executive, on YellowDog’s marketing strategies. I modernised the Facebook page and made changes to company photos and information. I ventured into the city centre for lunch break and nearly spent £50 on a t shirt. I thought that was a bit ridiculous so wisely returned back to work. I made notes about videos that had been made by YellowDog that could be added to the website in the future. I was going to work with WordPress but WordPress didn’t want to work with me. I went back to my friend Maya and set about editing the box I had made.


Thursday started with me getting up at 5.20am, having my usual shower, toast and coffee, doing my paper round and getting on another bus into Bristol. I arrived early so I decided to sit in Starbucks for half an hour before making my way to work. All of Thursday was spent working with spreadsheets: typing up customer details and their head office locations (most of which are in London, Mumbai or Los Angeles). I think that getting up between 5 and 6 every morning is making me more of a tired person. It’ll return to normal next week when I’m back in school and I’m determined to make the most of that before I have to start getting up early when I start a career after education. I’ve decided that tomorrow I’m getting McDonald’s for lunch as a reward to myself for working hard on spreadsheets all day today. Today’s entry is shorter than usual because I have been working with hundreds of data entries all day. I am exhausted; early night for me!

coffee with notepad on a white table with an ipad and headphones


Friday is unfortunately my last day at YellowDog and I would like to thank the entire team for taking me on board this week and letting me see what it’s like behind the scenes of one of the country’s hottest start ups. Most of this morning was spent editing a guest blog, sent to Jack by Cardiff Animation Festival. The document will be published on YellowDog’s website at a later date. I had that Mcdonald’s for lunch and that was a good way to wrap up the week. The afternoon was spent editing this diary I’ve kept and publishing it on the website.

I’m sad that this week has gone so quickly, but once again all the thanks go to the YellowDog team for making me feel welcome here.

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