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As we start to spread our technical innovation over to financial services and unleash our potential, we welcome Jamie Donald to the YellowDog Kennel! After years of dashing between business development and marketing, Jamie has found a home here to head up our Sales – so we collared him for a few minutes to get the lowdown…

Tell us a little about yourself – and something that we’d never be able to guess!

I’ve been working in Financial Services for over a decade for companies who challenge some of the industry norms and attempt to change the way we do things. Home for the past 10 years has been in Bristol where the tech industry is going from strength to strength every year. And not a lot of people know this, but I once held the fastest under-12s time for 100m butterfly in Scotland!

What drew you to YellowDog?

YellowDog have the perfect combination of great people and an amazing product, with the ambition to positively disrupt Financial Services. Over the past five years, I have witnessed countless occasions where, had the institution been using YellowDog, the added value could have been huge for them and their customers. Now I can be a part of delivering that.

What is the biggest challenge that you think financial services faces, right now?

The industry is in a period of intense change: new entrants in Banking and Insurance are influencing the status quo and shifting customer’s expectations. The big players who have dominated these industries are now rising to meet these challenges head on, but are hindered by legacy systems and processes which severely delay and dilute their ability to innovate. Unless they are able to accelerate their innovation, the gap may widen further – to the extent where these new entrants are not only attracting the early adopters, but start to make real inroads into the mass market.

What organisations do you think are doing it right, and why?

I have seen very different approaches from some of the challenger banks in the UK: some have built their technology stack from scratch while others have integrated the best of what the market had to offer. The commonality between both these approaches is to have software and technology which helps the business move forward, and doesn’t become a burden for future growth and ideas.


What is your vision for YellowDog’s On Premise for financial services?

The pressure on the Financial Services Industry to securely store and process huge quantities of data is growing all the time. YellowDog On Premise can ease this pressure considerably and enable them to securely do more with their data, which in turn will help them deliver extra value to their customers and reduce risk. Doing all this on premise will only help accelerate this process while cloud is still in its infancy within Financial Services.

What does cloud offer the Financial Services industry that nothing else does?

The industry is slowly moving to cloud but are naturally cautious, despite the obvious advantages it can offer. Being provider agnostic and being able to work with both Public and Private Clouds, YellowDog offers these advantages in a secure package that delivers both a cost and performance benefit over other solutions.

Thanks to Jamie and the rest of our astonishingly good looking team, Financial Services can gain the same incredible compute that we’ve been making available to the animation, VFX, and VR industry for three years.



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Financial Services

Financial Services

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