Want to find your system properties for your Windows 10 machine?

We know that many of our customers like to benchmark their own machines.

Here’s a quick guide to finding system properties if you’re running Windows 10 plus a bonus benchmark tool at the end.

Select the Start button; type ‘System’:

Start Button

Select System Control Panel from the drop down list; the middle of this dialogue box tells you what RAM, processor and OS type your machine is.

screenshot showing system properties for windows 10 machinesw

And that’s it!

Bonus benchmarking

You might also be interested to find out your Cinebench score especially if you’re interesting in using YellowDog’s High Performance Cloud Render Platform. 

Cinebench evaluates your computers performance abilities and is commonly used to benchmark the processing power of a machine – especially when it comes to animation and VFX rendering.

Try it for yourself and comment below with your cinebench – YellowDog’s CPU machines score 4018 with a cool 512 GB RAM. That’s a lot of processing power.


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