On the high street, consumer group Which? found that over half of Black Friday deals were cheaper or at the same price at other times of the year. Well, what do you know?! Pricing not being entirely honest?

The consumer group urges shoppers this year to ‘Look at the price, not the saving’.

In recent years, some retailers have seen a backlash against the mob mentality that Black Friday fever incites in shoppers. The urge to pile shops high with customers, drop prices low from a confusing starting position, and hint at limited availability is just too great.

Picture the scene. Mrs Robinson may well get her handheld blender home, but she will likely have had to snatch it from the desperate grip of Mr Picklewick who will be heading home blenderless and despondent. When Mrs Robinson makes it off the crammed 212 to Walthamstow and lugs her handsome blender and bags for life home, she will also no doubt be delighted to start unpacking 46 sets of android earphones on the living room floor, despite (at the last time of checking) only having one set of ears and one phone…an iPhone.

As we head into Christmas and the holiday season with thanksgiving, the VFX, animation, and motion graphics studios’ output goes into overdrive. For render farms, or cloud services, it is the equivalent of lots of desperate shoppers clambering at the sliding doors ready to grab the last dusty Xeon at a cut rate.

Many may well get what they want: rendering at half the price or better. Some may spend half the price they expected, but not get their renders done right. There’s no denying that studios are wise to look at ways to save money, but managing to get the best deal for your money this close to the end of the year is tricky even without navigating pre-emptible pricing or cut rate offers.

So this month, at YellowDog, we pondered whether to do a Black Friday.

We have decided to do something special this Christmas; just be ourselves.

We’ll ask what people need to deliver their work and fetch it for them; no limited availability, fluctuating pricing, or competing for shared resource. Our pricing doesn’t change once you’re quoted, and we always offer the best value, all year round.

No Black Friday: just Limitless Compute for Mrs Robinson and Mr Picklewick.

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