Big crowds, Baahubali, and Biryani

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YellowDog’s week in India with Chaos Group

This is a guest blog from Tom, our Chief Commercial Officer, as he spends a week with Chaos Group travelling around India and introducing YellowDog to a whole new crowd of talented animation and VFX artists.

Make sure you read the first in the series if you’d like to catch up with his adventure .

Over to you Tom…

The VFX community in Hyderabad has raised its profile since the Baahubali films. I was able to race around the city and  meet with a few of the studios who worked on the films, but also managed to find time to bump into a few familiar faces at the Game Developers Conference. People flock from all over the country attend this event. Unity led the day’s event, and the focus? Virtual reality and augmented reality: two huge advances in the gaming landscape.

Dinner? Biryani, of course. After an early night we dragged ourselves awake for a 7am flight to Mumbai; my 4:30am alarm was not greeted with the best of moods. Thankfully Mumbai always energises me: it’s an incredible city, with so much going on and so much vibrancy.

I didn’t get a chance to see much of the city because of the tight schedule from meeting to meeting: from animation studios to some of the top commercial and film facilities in the country. What is on everyone’s minds? Cloud. With businesses looking to expand their offerings into VR and feature work, international projects, they want to scale up without huge investments into infrastructure – and real estate in Mumbai aint cheap.

There are so many people that are no longer investing in render farms on site. At YellowDog, our assumption always was that studios and creators would initially use cloud just for overflow from their farms, and eventually migrate the majority of their rendering to cloud in the future – but perhaps this shift will happen sooner than we thought.

The studios that I visited had tried one or two cloud solutions, but had found themselves tied to a vendor who couldn’t scale, or was overly complex. As one Studio Head summed up nicely:

“I don’t want to think about machines and cores and threads, and then work out how many to use to get my work done. I only want to think about rendering and hitting my deadline. YellowDog abstracts all of the complexity.”

As we drove south across the sea link bridge for my final meeting of the day, the sun was setting, giving Mumbai a pink hue that you will not see anywhere else. Mumbai is a unique city, and I can’t wait to show the studios here how YellowDog can continue to help them compete on an international scale.

Friday was the Chaos Group event, V-Ray Days Mumbai 2017, and the team at Chaos and their Indian distributor ARK Infosolutions managed to pull in a crowd of over 250. The Chaos team showcased some techniques in V-Ray for Nuke, and it wasn’t long before I myself was mic’ed up and ready to talk. The crowd was lively and receptive to the ideas that I was putting forward about #LimitlessCompute, and there were some great questions afterwards.

Saturday was another full day of meetings, punctuated by long Uber journeys in traffic. The advent of Uber has been a revelation on my trips to India over the years. I no longer need to worry about calling multiple taxi companies who each have different prices, varying availability of cars and then experience the hassle of phoning the drivers to explain my location in order to get collected. The Uber platform takes care of it all for me.

Not dissimilar to a new cloud render platform that I’ve heard about!

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