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Who has tried cloud rendering in India?

This is a guest blog from Tom, our Chief Commercial Officer, as he spends a week with Chaos Group travelling around India and introducing YellowDog to a whole new crowd!

There were over 100 people sitting watching me in the venue in Bangalore. With a mix of top VFX studios, mid-size animation studios, and smaller arch viz businesses, they were all there to listen to me.

No pressure.

I asked for a show of hands from anyone who had tried cloud render and loved the experience. Not a single person put their hand up. Was I surprised? Not really. There were lots of intelligent questions from the audience, and cloud rendering is clearly something that’s on peoples’ minds: the crowd were thirsty for information.

After giving my presentation, I was mobbed for questions and photos afterwards, and I even got an Ellen-style selfie which you can check out here

Most of the conversations I had comprised of someone telling me that they didn’t want to invest in any more hardware, but that cloud was expensive, difficult, and unreliable. At YellowDog we have heard the exact same problems from studios and artists around the world. The people that I spoke to in Bangalore were asking smart questions about asset transfer, managing compute through the platform, and having fixed prices, all of which YellowDog have thought about.

Bangalore: meet YellowDog – the way to cloud render has changed.

I have also been visiting some local studios. Many have tried cloud and not used it because of unpredictable costs or limited scale of local render farms, or they have chosen not to get started due to hearing horror stories from others. Those are exactly the sorts of problems that we are there to solve.

There seems to be a scaling animation market in Bangalore for both TV but also web series, with YouTube Kids making a big push on generating local content for the local market. One company I met produces up to 5 animated episodes per week and expects 1.5 million views minimum for each. It’s a big business, and that’s a lot of rendering.

Finally, I made a trip out West of the City to Whitefield, a reminder of Bangalore’s presence as a leader in IT services and infrastructure. The huge IT park there is swarming with smart young workers, working for both big global businesses but also Indian businesses support global partners. Bangalore truly is a hub for IT excellence.

Anyone who has ever gone “the back way” from Whitefield to the airport will know why I need a sit down and a warm chai when I get to the airport: the traffic is terrifying! Potholes, pitch black darkness, mopeds and trucks all weaving in and around one another…

Time to leave the bright lights of Bangalore, and head over to Hyderabad.

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