To celebrate impending doom on Halloween, we are introducing ‘Trick and Treat’: your chance to get a treat by giving us a trick!

YellowDog have been publishing 3D tips for over two years, and for a limited time only, we’re putting you, the 3D and VFX artists, in control.

Send us your favourite 3D tricks – the hacks you use every day but no one else uses, the clever ways you get round problems, the secrets you’ve discovered – to us to get a little treat from YellowDog: all submissions will receive 5 hours free rendering on our award winning platform.

Selected tips will be published on Facebook and Twitter with shout outs to the successful applicants, so make sure that they are your absolute best! Eligible tricks can be video tutorials, written blogs, or even lines of code that you want to share.

You have until midnight on October 31st to email your favourite trick to

If you’re looking for ideas, then why not check out some of our more recent 3D tips? You can discover how to use Irradiance Maps in V-Ray, or how to create dynamic fur in Maya’s XGen.

Need a little more inspiration? Cue Thriller music!

In studios across the land

The Deadline hour is close at hand

Freelancers crawl in search of blood

To terrorise Soho neighbourhood

And what artists shall be found

Without scripts for getting render times down

Must sit and face caches of hell

Where alembics rot inside a source object shell!


The foulest stench is in the hair

Processing Yeti takes a thousand years

And mental ray ghouls from an ’89 tomb

Are closing in to seal your doom

And though your XEON fights to stay alive

Your RAM will start to shiver

For no mere MAC or PC can resist

The evil of CG thriller!

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