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This time last week, I wasn’t at my comfy desk at YellowDog HQ – I was just about to step onto a rather large stage in San Francisco. After winning an Oracle Award last year, Intel wanted me to fly over the pond and speak more about the radical things we’re doing here for cloud compute and rendering under the title “Enterprise Cloud: Emerging Trends, Unique Challenges, and New Solutions”. So what did I learn after my experience Stateside?

It’s a little nerve wracking!

Trust me: once you get used to seeing your logo on big walls with thousands of people seeing it, you’re getting too old for this game. Despite having done my own fair share of public speaking, it was a little intimidating to be on such a large stage, but my co-host Raejeanne Skillern, Vice President Data Center Group and General Manager of the CSP Platform Group (CPG), put me right at my ease, and eventually it was just like speaking to friends at the pub about what we’re passionate about.

You get to meet some great people

And speaking with them was an added bonus! There’s a reason that thousands of people trek to San Francisco every year for Oracle OpenWorld, and meeting vibrant and dynamic people from all over the globe has really invigorated my drive for what we do here. I even got to know some of the VPs from Oracle and Intel after hundreds of cross-Atlantic emails!

The scent of celebrity is all around you

Before I spoke, I got to hang out in green rooms in theatres, and you start to wonder who else has stayed there? I never managed to track them down, but it was an honour to be in such great company.

We’ve advanced exponentially in a year

This time last year, we gained our first international recognition by winning an Oracle award. Looking back at our progression over the last twelve months is truly astounding: not only do we have more customers and a packed out sales pipeline, but we’re using more cloud than ever before. Oracle Bare Metal cloud is supporting us well, and Oracle’s products have come on leaps and bounds. Spending time at Oracle OpenWorld opened my eyes to just how other people are using them, and how differently they are using Oracle compared to us.

I want to go back even stronger

We have more people in YellowDog now, and in the last twelve months we’ve had to move offices twice! I’m adamant that next year (if they allow me back), we’ll be in a bigger office, with double the staff, and even more incredible news to reveal!

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Picture courtesy of Don Mowbray

Featured Image courtesy of MaryBeth Murrel

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