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In celebration of our 1000th sign up, YellowDog founder Gareth has written a letter to his past self: the Gareth who was just about to start on the YellowDog journey.

Dear Gareth,

It’s been two and a half years since you started YellowDog. Who’d have thought we’d have just signed up the 1,000th customer onto the YellowDog Platform? Crazy.

I really am very proud of everything you and the team are going to achieve. Some of my highlights from the last 30 months (spoiler alert!) that you have to look forward to are:

– Raising our first £150K through crowdfunding in two weeks. I don’t think F5 has ever been used on your keyboard so often.

– Seeing the YellowDog brand for the first time and getting a shiver of excitement.

– Getting our first customers using YellowDog for rendering.

– Getting that first big deal.

– Winning that first award.

– Seeing the excitement as people learn what Limitless Compute is all about, and the difference we can make to their business.

I do have some advice for you – I hope it’s helpful:

– Don’t forget your coat when you go to visit the Dev team in Lithuania in winter. It gets cold in Kaunas.

– Your wife, Michelle, is wonderful. You can’t do this without her. Make sure you tell her.

– Keep an eye out for a Welshman with hard disks at 4am.

– Make sure you get home every evening to see the kids.

– Your suppliers aren’t ready for rendering in the cloud. You need to help them.

– Ride your bicycle the long way in every day. It helps.

– You will have more grey hair in 30 months’ time. That’s okay.

– Friday afternoons are always “fun”. Clear your calendar.

– People, on the whole, want to help. Ask for advice; you’ll be amazed at how they end up assisting you.

– Celebrate everything.

– Be wary when your CTO, Simon (you haven’t met him yet), asks whether you want a ‘small nightcap’.

Good luck! And enjoy the ride.


p.s. Put all your money on Leicester City FC. Trust me.

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