At YellowDog, we’re curious people. We like to know things. That’s why we had so much fun reading through the data we collected through our Summer Survey this year. We packed it full of curious questions, and boy: did you deliver.

After trawling through the data, we feel like we’ve got a much better idea of who you are: the animators, 3D artists, CGI whizzes, and studios that depend on rendering for their creations. Recognise yourself below?

  1. You’re all a bit . . . different

Don’t worry, we mean it in a good way! Turns out you simply can’t categorise someone by what work they get up to: we’ve all got our fingers in a good many pies. Although 38% of our respondents focus on architectural visualisation, 15% of our respondents didn’t fit any of the moulds that we gave them, so they created their own. Rendering in finance, motion design, and broadcast GFX were just some of the answers that made us smile. Looks like we’re a varied bunch!

  1. A lot of you are very important

No, really. A massive 35% of our respondents own their own companies or work for themselves, and when you combine that group with the C-Levels and Heads of Departments, it’s clear that 54% of you have big responsibilities when it comes to your rendering. You clearly didn’t get our founder Gareth’s memo about not starting your own business, but that’s ok. We love that entrepreneurial spirit. It’s in our blood too.

  1. When you get to the nitty gritty, you take it to the Max

32% of you, actually. 3ds Max is your preferred 3D package, and we can see why: its integration capabilities with other packages like Maya, Unity, and MotionBuilder make it a pretty attractive option. On the other hand, we loved seeing the smaller packages represented: Houdini, Rhino, and even Solidworks got a look in. The vast majority of you (54%) are working with V-Ray for your rendering, but quite a few are happily with Arnold and Redshift, and there are even some with LightWave3D and Corona.

  1. You’re all about social

Our friends who filled out the survey are a social bunch – far more than we had realised. A massive 42% had heard about us for the first time through  our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but the single biggest introduction was our favourite: word of mouth. It’s really important to us that our customers know how much they’re valued; it’s why we write about it so often.

Everything we do at YellowDog is to make your lives easier, so it’s brilliant for us to get a clearer idea of who you are! In Part 2, we’ll look at your cloud rendering and some unusual results that we discovered in the data.

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