Limitless Compute: what does it mean for you? Part 2

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Written by YellowDog Founder Gareth Williams

You’ve read my post Introducing, Limitless Compute, and you’ve enjoyed hearing from the industry experts how we at YellowDog give them all the cloud rendering they need, and then some. Or maybe you haven’t? Head over there now, and read them. We’ll wait.

Done? Brilliant. Hopefully now you’re beginning to see how #LimitlessCompute could transform your business. Here’s Part 2 to explain just how other people are benefitting from it:

  1. “At the touch of a button” – manage everything through the YellowDog platform 

Powell Dobson Visualisation wax lyrical about this:

“YellowDog’s brilliant online interface allowed me to log in and monitor my frames as they rendered which gave me peace of mind as I could check the animation quality in almost real time.”

Giant Wheel Animation found the same:

“They offer a great online platform, a good interface that is easy to use and a supportive team, very supportive. They stand out in pricing as it’s flexible and you can see what is rendering at a given time.” 

  1. Integrated – supports major applications and works with your pipeline 

We’re an industry hound, and we support all of your major applications. We’ll even help you try new ones as we did with No Ghost, who wanted to make a move to the amazing Redshift renderer without the big investment in new hardware and software.

“Everything we do here ends up in rendering triangles in some way. We’ve seen a real shift in the power to cost ratio of GPUs as well as some amazing advances in rendering and game engines and we want to make the most of that.”

  1. Tailored – we’ll set you up and make it fit

Weird custom stuff? No problem, that’s production, we understand. 

“I was very impressed with them trying to fit and accommodate our needs, rather than us needing to fit into a standard package service. The team will do everything they can to ‘get you’ and fully understand your requirements, and it’s this personalisation and care that really sets them apart. – Tom Box, Blue Zoo”

We can’t make any promises, but we’ll always take a look at configuring our platform for your requirements.

  1. Great customer service – we’re always on the end of the phone

Right, right, we know. EVERYONE claims to have great customer service – so don’t take it from us, ask around…

We helped Powell Dobson with their first time: “I had never used a render farm before and we were extremely nervous using one; there is always the worry that I could submit something incorrectly and it could all come back wrong without knowing how much support would be available to me.

Blue Zoo know we’ve got their back: “I know they are there for me and the team, always on hand to help get things working and they’re around when it comes to crunch time. It’s really nice knowing they’ve got our back.”

And Giant Wheel Animation just like hanging out with us! “They have lots of enthusiasm, they’re very supportive and they’re on top of things. That really helps us. And it’s great to be able to bounce ideas around with like-minded people.”

So there you have it: 8 ways your business should really be using cloud compute. Whether you render or calculate, sell or service, we’re pretty sure that we could help you out. What do you think? Why not sign up here?


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