Limitless Compute: what does it mean for you? Part 1

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Written by YellowDog Founder Gareth Williams

If you’ve read my last post Introducing, Limitless Compute, you’ll know that we’re doing things a little differently to our friends running cloud computing companies and render farms.

By building a Limitless Compute platform, we’re able to offer a rendering service that we think nails a lot of the challenges that surround cloud rendering. What’s more, it’s better news for you, and better news for your business. Here’s why….

  1. Limitless availability – we’re not confined by a single data centre

The YellowDog Platform gives you access to hundreds of thousands of cores across multiple providers, but with none of the hassle of setting up with multiple vendors. YellowDog takes care of it all for you. Lawrence at No Ghost explains:

“YellowDog gives us the power of a production render farm without us having to worry about the resources we’d need to manage our own. Being able to expand and contract our render capabilities on the fly is vital to letting us tackle projects on any scale.”

With lots of available machines you know that YellowDog will be able to render your job, even if production means that you need twice as many machines as you thought you would. We don’t call it limitless for nothing.

  1. Speed – YellowDog can use this availability to process a job extremely quickly

Over to Lawrence again…

“When we were up against the clock in final few days, it was reassuring knowing that when we sent our renders over, YellowDog could throw the kitchen sink at it to get it done in time.”

With lots of machines comes lots of speed, Michael at Bluebottle CGI agrees…

“I can request the highest possible power from YellowDog and get the job done quickly”  

  1. Fixed pricing – know how much you’ll be paying before you start

 Is your cloud computing or outsourced render farm company a little unpredictable on cost? Perhaps a little steep? Do they charge you extra for data transfer, storage, phoning on a Wednesday etc? This is one of the major reasons that Blue Zoo selected YellowDog as their partner over anyone else. Tom Box explains why:

“They’re surprisingly cost efficient for cloud-based rendering, especially when other options are priced out of budget.”

You never know how much rendering you’ll need; you can only really guesstimate. This is less of a risk for a large studio if it takes longer, however for a small business the price of rendering can cost a lot of money so it’s important to have cost efficiencies to make the business more sustainable and manages risk.

Fixed prices up front, no hidden charges. Not even on a Wednesday.

  1. Jobs start straight away – there’s no queuing

Paws up if you love queueing? No, we thought not. With YellowDog, you don’t join the back of a queue, and you don’t need to pay more to get to the front of the queue. If you need compute and you need it now, we’ll find it and we’ll fire it up!

As Michael at Bluebottle says, you can start rendering “safe in the knowledge that in a crunch I can turn the power up. These guys are great at ease of use; you can quickly go from client sign off to finished render.” 

And you manage it all through the simple to use YellowDog interface.

It’s hard to compress everything that we love into one blog, which is why we’re continuing the story in a second part. Go here to talk to someone about  how we could work together.

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