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The Media and Entertainment industry is booming, but as audiences and clients demand more, the companies who are rendering those images could be facing disaster. YellowDog has the solution…

The Acceleration of CGI

From 1982 when 20 minutes of 3D CGI were showcased for the first time in a feature (Tron), CGI has accelerated past its first feature length CGI film (Toy Story, 1995), beyond the ground-breaking 420 VFX shots in The Matrix (1999), and through to 2016 where Marvel alone releases three films in a year each with over 2000 VFX shots. Carolyn Giardina from the Hollywood Reporter can’t contain her astonishment.

“It can kill your reputation if you don’t deliver the right quality and to deadline, as it leaves you only as good as your last project. Encountering rendering problems or not enough power can mean you don’t deliver, and this could be the end of your business” Tom Box, Blue Zoo

Why We Need Faster Renders

Each frame of film in The Jungle Book (2016) took on average 19 hours to render. There were 152,640 frames in the film, although 305,280 which needed processing due to it being shot in Stereo.

But despite increasing render times, tight deadlines need to be met, budgets are fixed, profit margins in Animation and VFX are narrow, and there are many moving parts and variable elements in every production. Plus, in the world of forums and social media, reputation economy has never been more important. United Airlines can vouch for that.

Rendering needs the Cloud.

Limited Capability

Whilst Cloud computing is essentially limitless, Cloud computing companies are limited by their confines of their own datacentres. In rendering, the requirements for compute are often hard to predict, hard to schedule, and occur in relatively short bursts but on a very large scale. For a cloud computing company used to long term steady commitments with banks or telcos, the world of rendering is an impossible business model.

This means that Animation or VFX companies don’t get the capacity that they need, that they may not be able to work to a budget, and that they may miss a critical deadline.

An ideal solution for rendering

The ideal solution for rendering in today’s world should give a user:

-Guaranteed availability of compute, regardless of requirement

-Fixed competitive pricing

-Scale and speed

All this, along with a knowledgeable team on the end of the phone ready to help, a simplified UI that plugs into your render management software, and a tailored approach to your job.

At YellowDog we believe that there is enough computing power in the world for today’s requirements, but that there is an imbalance between supply and demand.

  • Limitless Compute means having access to multiple data centres at the touch of a button.
  • Every segment for the entire job could be processed in parallel – it’s as fast as the slowest segment.
  • Jobs start straight away – there is no queuing.
  • Machines are yours and only yours, guaranteed.
  • You know precisely when your job will finish.
  • You aren’t limited by the four wall of one data centre.
  • Prices are fixed up front, before your job even begins.

So that’s exactly what we do.

Welcome to Limitless Compute.

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