Cum Creative is one of the best CG agencies in Singapore, specialising in international work. The team create campaign ideas to solve business problems that are effective and resourceful, executing in the finest way possible.

Here Wen, the founder of Cum Creative, talks us through three of the most outstanding jobs he’s worked on in the 11 years since he co-founded the company:

The team created an animation for the biggest healthcare in Singapore. The piece was based on their ‘What is diabetes?’ campaign, as they chose to work on something a little more light-hearted than usual, giving us the chance to work on a real labour of love. The campaign ad gained huge success, with a single post of this commercial on Facebook receiving 100k views, 2.1k shares, and 1k likes alone. The strength of the video just made it go viral, with even the Government Minister spotting it and sharing with his followers.

Working with the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers, Razer, they required visualisation of the first automated triple display laptop. Wen worked with the £1.5b gaming company to the 3D visuals for project Valerie; a job that gained 1.2m views with no paid media.  Wen also worked on the successful product launches of Razer Man O War and Razer Duality, which showed a behind the scenes on one of their more complicated pieces.

Cum Creative partnered with the render pup YellowDog on the free-to-play modern warfare game, featuring the mighty Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was a brilliant opportunity for Cum Creative to flex their muscles as they moved into the gaming space as YellowDog provided the still renders.

To check out more work by the talented gang at Cum Creative, head to their Vimeo page or you can keep up to date by following their Twitter page.

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