The Ideal Working Environment for 3D Artists and Animators

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Animators. They are strange beasts, sometimes, and can often spend far too much time alone. That’s why, here at YellowDog, we work hard to make our animators’ day with our super quick, super easy to use and super reliable rendering. But what makes a place perfect to animate in?

We have a chat with some of the leading animators and 3D artists across the UK about the little things that make all the difference.

Cristian @ Sony Entertainment

You’ve got to have a sharing culture, where people are happy to give without being opinionated or fussy. That team environment is so important, but without the right tools and the knowledge of how to use them, you may as well not be there. Keep humble in your achievements, and hopeful in your failures. Those are the attitudes that can make any day that much better.

Darren @ DO Digital Realities

A great coffee. That, and our continual personal and business development. We love to evolve and feel part of something special so we embrace technology and enjoy dealing with people who understand what we’re trying to create as a business.

Giuseppe @ Giuseppe Lo Schiavo Art

A good workspace is really important; having a natural light source in my office is essential. Working with a team of people that you admire and with who you can exchange ideas, and having that time for research and experimentation. At the end of the day, you need to have time for brainstorming to refresh your ideas and optimising your problem-solving capabilities.

Tom @ Blue Zoo

A mixture of working on fun projects with passionate and talented team always makes my day: when the work and the people are fun! All pulling together makes for a great environment, and that allows me to distil complicated communications to minimal visual treatment.

This YellowDog article was brought to you by tea. At YellowDog, we’re powered by tea. Gareth takes his Early Grey black, Jack likes his a builder’s level of milky, and Callum likes his stirred twice clockwise. Doing a tea run at YellowDog can be a 30 minute process, every 30 minutes, but whilst there’s tea, the team is happy.



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