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Akos Zodi, CTO and Founder at CreatIT

Connor Hadley-Collins, CEO at TruVision

Tom Beardsmore, Founder at Coatsink.

What were you hoping to find at VRWC?

Akos: It helps us to better understand our business, check out new technologies that we could use or work with, and collaborate with potential new business partners.

Who stood out for you at the show?

Connor: Ultrahaptics. They’re doing something really cool with touch VR. With the headset on, you close your eyes and actually feel stuff, it’s pretty mind blowing! And they’re straight out of Bristol too.

What were the main advancements in technology?

Connor: How far VR is going in terms of hardware. Over the last year, software has started to catch up with the hardware and is pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Now we need better hardware and it’s just a case of who is going to make the next best headset: Vive or Oculus? Is it going wireless or 4k? That’s the real challenge of this year.

Akos: VR with mobile phones. Although the VR mobile phone currently has limitation and quality issues, phones are getting more powerful every year.

Tom: How VR games keep evolving.  They will become truly immersive and gamers are getting excited as the market continues to grow.

What is your favourite VR tool?

Tom: Oculus Touch. It’s by far the most intuitive, engrossing hardware out there by a mile, with certainly the best controller.

Connor: HTC Vive. It’s the first headset to bring in room-scale tracking. In my opinion, it is much better than Oculus with the lasers outdoing infra-red. It’s far more intuitive. Oculus does have better touch controllers, but the HTC just works nicely together, it gels.

Akos: HTC Vive. It is the best headset we would offer in a campaign. 

What are currently the biggest challenges with VR?

Connor: Render times. Finding a solution to render out all of our massive projects and doing it quickly but at high quality is literally the hardest problem we face.

Akos: Finding the right 3D artists to create the right environment in which to put the user. That means specialist knowledge and that can be difficult to find.

What would you hope to see at VRWC next year?

Akos: Some new tools available, making the whole experience much better; quality resolution screens in headsets and more mobile solutions would be a good start.

Connor: A wider variety of headsets and improvements in wireless, 4K and body tracking.

We at YellowDog are always keeping our nose to the ground, sniffing out new technologies, and it’s been great to chat to some of the expects in VR. Turns out they, like many others, need to be able to depend on outstanding rendering services, so that’s what we’ll concentrate on continuing to provide.


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