Our Sales and Marketing intern, Tarne shares her thoughts on how her internship gave her a brand new perspective of time management. 

Balancing Commitments

Beginning an internship in my third and final year at Bristol was exciting but brought with it a new sense of anxiety. I worried that a fresh commitment could consume my schedule and reduce my time for study and relaxation.

Yet, my internship took me out of routine and put me into one simultaneously. After two years of working to a virtually unchanged study schedule, it’s inevitable that most of us become comfortable and bored in equal parts. At university, third year is ‘crunch-time’ and the pressure piles up. For an arts student like myself, studying for a history degree, the key to success is all about getting your time right. Unfortunately, being the boss of your time comes with a whole host of drawbacks; the vast majority of us find it irksomely tricky. Workload expands into ‘free’ time and ‘free’ time becomes so precious that it becomes a window for procrastination and wasted energy.

To my surprise, by taking on an internship and taking away my time – I have found I have more. My internship is transforming the way I work: offering me a brand-new perspective on time-management. Earmarking one day per week to an internship, I’ve discovered that I can streamline my week. Fridays have become a University no-go. Aware of this in the rest of my week, I find I’m working harder and better as I know I have one less day. My week is more efficient.