An Introduction to Alembic Caching in Maya

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In this YellowDog 3D Tip, Joe introduces the mighty Alembic Cache.

For those pups not in the know, an Alembic Cache file is a universal cache file that can store and duplicate things such as dynamics or rigged characters.

Make one awesome motion and use Alembic Cache to copy it into any 3D software! We love saving time at YellowDog and bet you do too!

Watch the video tutorial below 

In this video tutorial, Joe shows you how to:

  • Export a selected simulation to alembic
  • Import different iterations of the same file without affecting the playback speed
  • Use alembic cache on a rigged character
Maya is a popular 3D modelling program, well-known for its ease of use when creating realistic animations and effects. It allows users to apply modelling layers to give a free-form approach to 3D animation. As an Autodesk product, it seamlessly integrates with other great plugins, such as Phoenix FD, Yeti and XGen.

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