It’s Often a Sprint Rather Than a Jog to a Deadline

Gareth Williams Founder & CEO
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As we found out what animators, studios and 3D artists run on, we thought it was only right that we should find out what makes the YellowDog team run that extra mile to meet a deadline.

Top dog at YellowDog, Gareth gave us some insight on what keeps their tech hub bubbling with energy when the going gets pressured…

What Are the Biggest Pressures for 3D Artists and Animators?

The most common pressure that we see here at YellowDog is making sure that projects are delivered on time and to budget, with the added pressure of clients frequently changing their minds and specifications. Clients often ask the animators and artists for small incremental tweaks, unfortunately without understanding the full impact that this can have on the project. Frustrating!

We see producers of TV shows and long form content facing pressures from their own team as they’re not always optimising scenes for rendering, resulting in 15 minute frame renders taking far, far longer.

How Do You Know Your Customers Have High Pressure Demands?

When they get in touch with us for help at 11pm on a Friday night! Or when they turn up at 5am in the morning to drive a hard disk from Bristol to London, because their client’s internet connectivity is so poor. That is some dedication!

We regularly have clients call us and hear them say “we’ve never done anything this big before…” so you know that they are feeling the pressure. Customers will often mention to use that their clients have asked them to “put it into 360 degree 3D but stick to the same budget and same delivery schedule…” Whilst they are already half way through delivery!

What Does the Team Run On?

We’re an assorted bunch when it comes to what gets us ticking through to deadline…

  • Lots of Earl Grey tea is a winner, black only though.
  • A few cwtches (yes, you can ask for a cuddle too).
  • Monster Energy drinks to have us bouncing off the walls, followed by a Rodrizio Rico Brazilian BBQ. Weather dependant of course.
  • A constant stream of music playing through the studio and popcorn snacks to hand.
  • Footballs, tennis and running – an adrenaline rush and spot of fresh air keeps us sparky!


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