How to Minimise Stress When Producing Animations

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We find out what keeps animators going during stressful periods and how YellowDog can be an animation studio’s new best friend.

How to Minimise Stress When Producing Animations

With nerve-tremblingly tight deadlines, ever more demanding clients, and the pressure to become the 3D artist top dog, an animator’s working life can be rather intense. So, how do you keep up with the pack? Do you run on a bulletproof caffeine hit? Feel the burn at late-night gym sessions? Or are you still buzzing from a mid-afternoon sugar high?

Whatever keeps creatives running, one thing is for sure, you don’t want your animations to be held back from the rendering problems. It’s stress you just don’t need.

Take the heart-in-mouth experience of Daniel, a designer from Neptune Rowboats, who had been rendering less than 2,000 frames over two to three weeks. Rendering was finished to schedule but as there were errors he would have to restart the process. With a deadline fast approaching, the odds of success were not looking good. It’s that nightmare feeling that all animators recognise.

Luckily YellowDog (aka the animators’ new best friend) was around to help. This designer told us:

“It was easy to upload my project and the price was fixed so I knew I could control my budget. I went to bed and hoped it would be complete before my deadline. When I looked the next day, my project had already been completed – well ahead of the deadline and my stress was gone. What a great service! Every frame was rendered correctly and I could start editing the movie earlier than expected.”

Stress-free 3D Rendering

Joining YellowDog can really take the stress out of rendering for 3D studios and artists.  We’re not saying you’ll be able to give up your triple espresso* but it’s just one less thing to think about in your hectic schedule, so you can concentrate on what matters – getting the creative right and exceeding your clients’ expectations. You or your animators may even be able to get a well-deserved early night with the cloud computer power of YellowDog.

Supercomputer for your next animation

We’re creating the world’s fastest supercomputer using multi-cloud processing power to meet the demands of whatever 3D rendering challenges you throw at it. You don’t need to resort to unreliable, hard to use render farms or data centres for your next animation or project. All YellowDog prices are fixed up front, and by managing costs and production deadlines, we can help you improve business efficiency with guaranteed high performance.

When you require short term, high-intensity server power without heavy commitment or high costs, it’s time to join the pack. Ed at Archi-Vista, a 3D architectural service, said:

“I needed to complete a set of huge high quality renders for an exhibition and on a very tight deadline.  I split my project into separate render jobs with YellowDog; all the renders completed exactly as I wanted and they really helped me to get the project delivered on time.”

Join YellowDog – What Are Your Animations Running On?

What projects are making you run the extra mile this week? Let us know what you’re running on via Twitter on @yellowdogltd with #yellowdog. We’ll share our favourites (so it’s the perfect chance for you to show off!).  Hundreds of studios and freelancers have already joined YellowDog. Discover how the power of YellowDog could help your studio too – get started today.

*your doggy treat of choice.



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